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The Moment That Sparked 'A Step Forward'

The exact date escapes me, but it was towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 when I began to write the first words that would eventually make up my book “A Step Forward.”

To the many people who don’t yet know anything about the book, I have used one sentence consistently to describe what it's about and the purpose behind it.

The sentence is – To inspire, empower and encourage a generation to dream more, to do more and to believe in more.

Shortly before starting my first book, I began to develop a passion for spoken word poetry. I had seen a young Lebanese lady come down to Melbourne from Sydney and perform some poetry she had written. It was then that I became inspired to also write my own spoken word poetry and had the idea to turn them into stories. And in the process, creating a book. One that would impact many and give me the motivation to continue pushing forward in hopes of inspiring a generation.

If we pay close enough attention, there will be moments in our lives that can help us choose the direction we want to take. In both our personal and professional lives.

Be aware and awake to those moments, because you never know when life can take you by surprise and forever change your focus and direction.

To get your copy of my book ‘A Step Forward.’ Click the link below!

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