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About Ali Taleb
Ali Taleb (Born January of 1999) is a 23-year-old author, property investor and corporate businessman. Most importantly, Ali is a older brother to 7 younger siblings. 
While Ali struggled through school academically due to an unwillingness to apply himself, he later picked him self up to become the first in his family to attend university studying a Bachelor of Business (Sport Management).
Ali is driven by his mission to inspire a generation, it is this drive that flows throughout everything he does in his life.

Ali published his first book "A Step Forward" at 21, bought his first investment property at 23 and has a passion for growth that is unmatched by many of his contemporaries. 

Ali believes that the true value of a person is found in who they are, rather than by what they do.

For all enquires / partnerships (business/other) email Ali at - 

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