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A conversation on the train

Are you thinking? I mean, consciously thinking, a thinking that is intentional and thinking that is on purpose.

Or are you going through life without intentional thought, but with your eyes still wide open. You see, just because you have your eyes open and decide on what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, does not mean that you are in a state of conscious thinking. Philosophy may argue that many of the decisions we make each day are due to the subconscious part of our being.

And that brings us to the conversation on the train, the one I had only days ago. The conservation was with a gentleman two years older than me (24), speaking of his journey from the unconscious to the conscious.

It was relating to his career, in which he had been working in a job, industry and workplace that he had no passion or excitement for, but somehow, stayed in the role for multiple years. It was only recently, once he began to consciously think about his life, that he came to the realization that he was wasting the early part of his career in a role that he 'hated.'

He mentioned that once the realization came to him, he was thrown into a short period of anxiety and worry. Realizing that years had gone by without him really planning his career, caring about where it went or really knowing what he wanted.

Thankfully, he is through the initial period of panic, and now consciously thinking, planning and excited by the prospect of what his life holds next. Knowing that the direction it takes is solely up to him and he is playing an active part in creating it.

So, my question to you is, are you thinking?

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